In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symmetry.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovebirds out there.

I was lucky enough to catch these two sweethearts in action when I was out for a walk, iPhone in hand. There’s a modest but elegant symmetry in their embrace and in the circular wake their movement creates.

  I felt like a creepy voyeur as I hastily snapped these shots.


Modern Primitive Rock Art

There’s a riparian zone at the park, a peaceful oasis where creatures hide and birds nest. It’s become not so serene though. It disturbs me when I often see people there following purposefully behind their unleashed dogs, who pursue wild rabbits across the sand dunes. Hopefully they are just practicing, as I believe this to be a wildlife refuge with no hunting allowed.

In this sweet little area there are also some rather curious man-made formations which I call “primitive rock art” with tongue firmly in cheek.

I’m guessing these “pieces” are the work of youngsters.

They have a funny little aesthetic quality all their own.

Vegas Stonehenge

We were lucky to have a gloriously clear day, perfect for a walk in the park. We visited the bunnies, hiked about, and caught the end of a farmer’s market. We got a clearance bag of groceries which the guy offered for $10. Quite a steal.

Everyone’s raving about how wonderful it is to have 70 degree weather in February. I don’t agree. It’s not normal and people should think it through. Lake Mead is at dangerously low levels. So is Lake Tahoe for that matter. Reno hasn’t had snow for a long while, and much of the southwest is in extended drought.

Theoretically, If it’s 20 degrees warmer than usual now and the same happens in the summer, we could end up with 135 degree days. Could we survive that?

The bees were out in force today, swarming the blossoms on the trees. The herons and cormorants who winter at the ponds arrived late this year and have already departed, early. Like everyone else I enjoy the beautiful weather but it wreaks havoc on the natural rhythm of nature and I wish it were cold like it’s supposed to be.

I call these concrete walls the Vegas Stonehenge for obvious reasons. I believe it once supported an oil pump or turbine which supplied fuel for the ranch. It seemed like a scary monolith when I was a little kid.